2017 Projections

Composite NYY RP64331.690.971062538
RotoChamp NYY RP63331.430.971062538
Steamer NYY RP65422.140.971052639
2016 NYY RP58411.550.86901829

Historical Stats

2016595841 1.55 0.869018 1.42 1.92 100.4 18.6% 80.5%0.26836
2015656644 1.63 1.1511633 1.94 2.49 99.5 19.3% 88.5%0.33133
2014545403 2.00 0.8310624 0.89 1.20 100.2 20.0% 76.8%0.29036
2013686345 2.54 1.0411229 2.47 2.07 98.4 16.3% 86.2%0.28038
2012687155 1.51 0.8112223 1.55 1.93 98.0 17.9% 86.9%0.25238
2011545041 3.60 1.307141 3.29 3.47 98.1 13.9% 71.7%0.2421
2010151322 2.03 1.05195 1.35 1.72 99.6 14.9% 71.4%0.3330
Composite Projections53
Yahoo ADP89
Fantasy Pros Composite96

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