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2012 Fantasy Baseball Undervalued 2B

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The following is a list of players that we think are undervalued in 5x5 standard leagues based on their ADP (courtesy of MockDraftCentral).

These are the players we would target on draft day. We try to show players that will go early, middle, and late to give you the most flexibility when picking at this position. We also indicate at which pick you should start thinking about picking the player.

Robinson Cano, Dustin Pedroia (Rounds 1 and 2) - While these 2 players are not undervalued, we feel the need to stress that they are NOT overvalued either. If you have the opportunity to pick around the turn where you get a late 1st round and early 2nd round choice, then we believe taking one of these guys would be a strong move.

Dan Uggla (early-mid rounds, 50+) - You would think fantasy managers would pay a premium for consistency, especially when it comes from a normally scarce position like 2B. Well, even after putting up 5 straight years of 30+ HRs, Uggla is being undervalued this year. We suspect that most people shy away from Uggla because of his .233 batting average in 2011. A deeper look into his peripherals shows that he was very unlucky last year, as his xBA (expected batting average) was a respectable .272. If he can continue his HR streak and find himself on the good side of luck in 2012, there is no reason to believe he can't be a top 35 player.

Michael Young (early-mid rounds, 55+)- Despite hitting only 11 HRs and stealing 6 bases in 2011, Young was the 24th most valuable fantasy player last year because of his hefty .337 average along with 106 RBIs. He may not qualify as a 2B in some leagues (14 games played there in 2011), but if he does qualify in your league he is likely to be way undervalued in most leagues. The perplexing thing about Young is that his 2011 season wasn't shocking, yet he gets no love. He's always put up solid numbers and, like Uggla, he has been extremely reliable. Currently, he is going around pick 70 in mock drafts, so drafting him around 60 would be a gain of around 35 draft spots in value.

Ben Zobrist (middle rounds, 80+) - Zobrist is going around pick 80 in mock drafts right now, which is baffling since he was the 32nd most valuable fantasy player last year. At age 30, he is theoretically on the wrong side of the aging curve and we expect some regression from last year, but that only moves him down to the 60th spot on our list. He's not the kind of guy you want to reach for, but if you are in the 7/8th round of your draft and he's still there, you shouldn't feel badly for pouncing on him. His multi-positional flexibility can also boost his value in some leagues. Not many guys have a better nickname than 'Zobrilla', and that could be a selling point if you needed to trade him during the season. Well, probably not.

Howie Kendrick (middle rounds, 100+) - When your girlfriend cheats on you it hurts for a little while but you move onto the next one. When your promise-filled fantasy 2B kills you with injuries year after year, it takes a little longer to heal the wounds. After burning his owners with injuries between 2007 and 2009, Kendrick has posted 616 and 537 ABs the last 2 years to almost shed his fragile label. While he's never a threat to suit up in 162 games, he can be awfully productive when he does play. 18 HRs was a career high in 2012 and at age 28 we should see similar power, but in a lineup boosted with Pujols. There's a lot to like and if you want to wait until the big names are gone, you should be able to pick Kendrick up around pick 100.

Jason Kipnis (late rounds, 130+) - Kipnis is the traditional sleeper pick. He's relatively unknown by common baseball fans not living in Cleveland. He posted 7 HRs and 5 SBs after getting called up last year in only 136 ABs. For those that follow minor league baseball, this wasn't a surprise. He's projected to have top 100 value, but is only going around pick 160 in mock drafts. We think his draft position will move up quickly as people attach themselves to his sleeper bandwagon, but even if he moves up into the top 140 he provides great value. The only downside risk is youthful inconsistency, but the upside is when you look back in several years and tell your leaguemates 'remember when I drafted Kipnis in the 13th round and he helped win me a championship?'


Kelly Johnson (TOR) - With so many solid value picks at 2B, it is hard to find any flyers so we are stretching here by including Johnson and Murphy (insert shoe joke). In reality, unless you are in a deeper league you probably missed the boat and took an ill-timed beer break if you don't already have a 2B by now. Johnson has put up consecutive 20 HRs/10 SBs seasons. He's not somebody you draft with confidence and his batting average can kill you in that category. He does play in a pretty good lineup and another 20 HR season with double-digit steals is not out of the question.

Daniel Murphy (NYM) - Mets fans seem to love this guy. He has hit over .300 a couple of times, but his lack of power and speed makes him unattractive to most fantasy managers. He did hit 12 HRs in 2010 and they moved the fences in a little bit at Citi Field, so double digit HRs is attainable. If he gets full time ABs, Murphy might suffice in a pinch.

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