2017 Projections

Composite BOS SP20914103.191.07232450
RotoChamp BOS SP2051492.941.05235420
Steamer BOS SP21313113.431.09228490
2016 BOS SP22617103.341.04233450

Historical Stats

2016322261710 3.34 1.0423345 3.46 3.58 92.8 11.3% 76.6%0.2790
2015312081311 3.41 1.0927442 2.73 2.60 94.5 14.6% 73.2%0.3230
201426174124 2.17 0.9720839 2.57 2.83 92.8 12.9% 81.5%0.2800
2013302141114 3.07 1.0722646 3.17 2.95 92.6 10.8% 77.0%0.2890
201230192178 3.05 1.1419251 3.27 3.24 91.3 10.3% 80.0%0.2940
2011587122 2.79 1.117927 3.12 3.00 94.9 11.5% 81.3%0.2648
2010212321 1.93 1.073210 2.74 2.56 95.9 10.2% 90.1%0.2714
Fantasy Pros Composite20
Yahoo ADP24
Composite Projections31

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