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2011 Hitter Analysis
2011 Pitcher Analysis

Last Update: 9/2/2014

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2011 Unluckiest Hitters
This list contains players that are performing better than their actual stats would suggest. Many players on this list would be considered good 'buy low' candidates.

This list displays hitters with an expected batting average (xBA) that greatly exceeds their actual batting average (AVG or BA). xBA is calculated using their batted ball data and is a more accurate representation of a player's skill level then his actual batting average. For example, if a guy is hitting the ball 'hard' and right at people, his xBA will be higher than his actual BA. To the contrary, if a guy is finding more than his share of holes and bloop hits then his actual BA will be higher than his xBA.

We only show players with an xBA of .275 or higher and a minimum of ABs. The minimum ABs will increase as the year goes forward.