2016 Projections

ROS NYY DH000000.0000.0000.0000.00000
Composite NYY DH40159216740.2420.3380.4440.78257115
RotoChamp NYY DH40167246440.2520.3550.4740.82962110
Steamer NYY DH46161196530.2390.3330.4090.74262129
ZiPS NYY DH41460237440.2370.3310.4490.78056119
Davenport NYY DH37952197030.2360.3380.4300.76854114
Steamer600 NYY DH51969227330.2390.3330.4090.74269145
2016 NYY DH2251993130.2000.2470.3510.5981467

Historical Stats

201665225199313 0.200 0.247 0.351 0.5981467
20151515238333864 0.250 0.356 0.486 0.84284145
201344156217194 0.244 0.348 0.423 0.7712343
201212246374185713 0.272 0.353 0.430 0.78351116
2011993736716624 0.276 0.362 0.461 0.8234780
201013752274301254 0.270 0.341 0.506 0.8475998
2009124444783010014 0.286 0.402 0.532 0.9338097
20081385101043510318 0.302 0.392 0.573 0.96565117
20071585831435415624 0.314 0.422 0.645 1.06795120
20061545721133512115 0.290 0.392 0.523 0.91490139
20051626051244813021 0.321 0.421 0.610 1.03191139
20041556011123610628 0.286 0.375 0.512 0.88880131
20031616071244711817 0.298 0.396 0.600 0.99587126
2002162624125571429 0.300 0.392 0.623 1.01587122
20011626321335213518 0.318 0.399 0.622 1.02175131
20001485541344113215 0.316 0.420 0.606 1.026100121
Fantasy Pros Composite174
Composite Projections230
By Outfield Position
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