2016 Projections

Composite CHC SP1921572.811.07197520
RotoChamp CHC SP1921472.671.01195490
Steamer CHC SP2081592.951.11218560
ZIPS CHC SP1861672.561.05194500
Davenport CHC SP1931572.991.11192540
Steamer600 CHC SP2001482.951.11210540

Historical Stats

201533229226 1.77 0.8623648 2.35 2.61 94.6 11.1% 80.0%0.2460
201425156105 2.53 0.9916741 2.26 2.73 93.4 10.2% 74.2%0.2740
2013147554 4.78 1.336041 4.84 4.61 93.7 6.8% 69.3%0.2390
20122411439 6.20 1.3710935 4.05 3.65 93.3 7.8% 57.3%0.3200
201122119108 5.05 1.469359 5.34 4.52 92.3 7.4% 72.7%0.2720
20101810066 4.66 1.535248 4.76 5.17 92.8 5.7% 69.5%0.2890
Yahoo ADP23
Fantasy Pros Composite23
Composite Projections30

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