2015 Carlos Gomez Projections
Houston Astros (CF)

2015 Rest of Season Projections

CompositeROS HOU CF1922972690.2710.3270.4480.7751448
SteamerROS HOU CF1962672590.2630.3240.4390.7631549
ZIPSROS HOU CF18730727100.2740.3350.4670.8021347
RotoChampROS HOU CF1862972690.2740.3400.4620.8021547

2015 Projections

Composite HOU CF546852273310.2710.3310.4560.78741138
RotoChamp HOU CF546882371360.2820.3470.4740.82141138
Steamer HOU CF528732065280.2610.3220.4410.76439135
ZIPS HOU CF517872272320.2770.3360.4820.81835129
CAIRO HOU CF518792279310.2680.3360.4680.80439133
Davenport HOU CF529802164210.2680.3360.4620.79843135
Steamer600 HOU CF541752167290.2610.3220.4410.76440139
RotoChamp600 HOU CF540842076260.2760.3420.4640.80643137

Historical Stats

201573282428437 0.266 0.332 0.429 0.7612370
201414857495237334 0.284 0.356 0.477 0.83347141
201314753680247340 0.284 0.338 0.506 0.84337146
201213741572195137 0.260 0.305 0.463 0.7682098
2011942313782416 0.225 0.276 0.403 0.6791564
2010972913852418 0.247 0.298 0.357 0.6551772
20091373155132814 0.229 0.287 0.337 0.6232272
20081535777975933 0.258 0.296 0.360 0.65725142
2007581251421212 0.232 0.288 0.304 0.592827
Yahoo ADP8
Fantasy Pros Composite8
Composite Projections9
By Outfield Position

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