2016 Projections

ROS CLE SP6014.271.33620
Composite CLE SP90564.201.3785390
RotoChamp CLE SP90553.901.3386390
Steamer CLE SP129773.841.28125510
ZIPS CLE SP1649104.331.38163740
Davenport CLE SP1779114.371.37162740
Steamer600 CLE SP65443.841.2863260
2016 CLE SP1901284.261.31168700

Historical Stats

201635190128 4.26 1.3116870 3.99 4.13 93.2 9.0% 70.4%0.2920
2015311761112 4.55 1.3117079 4.33 4.28 92.8 9.6% 71.6%0.2760
20142615358 4.18 1.3814360 4.01 4.14 93.8 8.8% 73.2%0.3120
201341712 5.29 1.821116 7.05 6.60 92.6 5.4% 75.5%0.2400
201241612 6.06 1.651713 5.18 4.75 92.2 6.5% 59.5%0.2730
Fantasy Pros Composite295
Yahoo ADP403
Composite Projections447

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