2017 Projections

ROS CIN 2B1982562520.2680.3130.4290.7421243
2017 CIN 2B16426103810.2930.3330.5670.900940
Composite CIN 2B2392862730.2680.3100.4100.7201447
RotoChamp CIN 2B2282752430.2630.3060.3950.7011343
Steamer CIN 2B2863063030.2570.3020.3810.6831759
ZIPS CIN 2B2392962730.2680.3100.4100.7201448
CAIRO CIN 2B2392962830.2640.3090.4060.7151548

Historical Stats

2017601642610381 0.293 0.333 0.567 0.900940
20161364985814568 0.263 0.317 0.412 0.72838114
2015114375426291 0.264 0.294 0.381 0.6751268
2014137440559546 0.289 0.320 0.434 0.7542267
201369213296212 0.324 0.356 0.479 0.8341042
Fantasy Pros Composite514
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