2018 Chicago Cubs Projected Lineup

Projected 2018 Lineup

1 Albert Almora OF3621047 0.277
2 Kyle Schwarber OF3812562 0.240
3 Kris Bryant 3B5543395 0.285
4 Anthony Rizzo 1B54234102 0.282
5 Willson Contreras C4602072 0.270
6 Addison Russell SS4271863 0.250
7 Javier Baez 2B4892374 0.261
8 Jason Heyward OF4701462 0.266

Projected 2018 Starters

1 Jon Lester 1951310 3.88
2 Kyle Hendricks 173129 4.03
3 Jose Quintana 196159 3.45
4 Tyler Chatwood 12888 4.32
5 Mike Montgomery 158109 4.22
6 Jen-Ho Tseng 3021 4.14

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