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2012 Cincinnati Reds Projected Lineup

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1Billy HamiltonOFCIN46255539590.2510.3070.3420.649$99.06 
2Brandon Phillips2BCIN50662146770.2690.3170.4070.724$1414.31Injury: Back spasms Notes: Exited game early April 18. Due Back: Day-to-day Source:
3Joey Votto1BCIN44776227150.2950.4240.5150.939$2525.55 
4Jay BruceOFCIN43764247650.2490.3350.4780.813$1414.31 
5Ryan LudwickOFCIN36142155300.2470.3130.4160.729$-9-9.71 
6Todd Frazier3BCIN43354186270.2400.3130.4250.738$11.00 
7Devin MesoracoCatcherCIN28132114010.2530.3180.4340.752$-10-10.93 
8Zack CozartSSCIN50360124930.2470.2860.3840.670$-2-2.30 

Projected Rotation (and guys on DL who will start at some point)

1Johnny CuetoSPCIN1471073.311.1912639$1313.72 
2Homer BaileySPCIN16410103.791.2114442$1010.37 
3Mike LeakeSPCIN1479104.101.299936$-0-0.31 
4Tony CingraniSPCIN1641183.401.2518771$1717.27 
5Alfredo SimonSPCIN79443.761.296025$-4-4.31 
6Mat LatosSPCIN121783.871.2410736$22.69Injury: Strained right flexor mass tendon Notes: Shut down from throwing until at least April 22 after MRI revealed strained flexor mass tendon. Due Back: Possibly April Source:
7Jeff FrancisSPCIN17114.241.24124$-10-10.17 

Relievers (may include/exclude guys not on 25-man roster)

Aroldis ChapmanRPCIN181062.001.00287$-3-3.45Injury: Recovering from March 2014 facial fracture surgery Notes: Completed bullpen session, cleared to participate in PFP, live batting practice April 18. Due Back: TBD Source:
J.J. HooverRPCIN503313.601.265321$-3-3.93 
Sean MarshallRPCIN141002.571.14134$-8-8.24Injury: Left shoulder inflammation Notes: Sent on Triple-A rehab assignment April 15. Due Back: Possibly mid-April Source:
Jonathan BroxtonRPCIN5943163.661.275221$11.10 
Sam LeCureRPCIN593233.361.205920$-1-1.17 
Manny ParraRPCIN503213.421.245118$-3-3.31 
Logan OndrusekRPCIN362204.001.363014$-9-9.00 
Brett MarshallRPCIN432305.021.513121$-13-13.58Injury: Strained tendon in right middle finger Notes: Placed on 60-day DL on March 30. Due Back: TBD Source:

Bench Hitters (may include/exclude guys not on 25-man roster)

Skip SchumakerOFCIN2022021820.2570.3240.3470.671$-29-29.54Injury: Dislocated left shoulder Notes: Has begun throwing, hitting off tee as of April 14 update. Due Back: Possibly late April Source:
Chris HeiseyOFCIN30038113760.2500.3010.4200.721$-15-15.41 
Roger BernadinaOFCIN1812151770.2270.3000.3650.665$-33-33.20 
Neftali Soto1BCIN1001141310.2300.2740.3900.664$-40-40.45 
Brayan PenaCatcherCIN1601431810.2630.3020.3690.671$-28-28.85 
Jack Hannahan3BCIN1081121110.2220.3000.3240.624$-42-42.36Injury: Recovering from October 2013 shoulder surgery Notes: Placed on 60-day DL on March 30. Due Back: TBD Source:
Ramon Santiago2BCIN4851400.2290.3020.3330.635$-43-43.55