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2012 Free Agents Projected Lineup

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Projected Rotation (and guys on DL who will start at some point)

5Barry ZitoSPFA129694.741.468049$-14-14.92 
7Jeff KarstensSPFA17210114.241.2811740$-0-0.21 

Relievers (may include/exclude guys not on 25-man roster)

Rafael BetancourtRPFA5833223.881.265115$11.24 
Joel HanrahanRPFA493223.671.294818$-4-4.58 
Kevin GreggRPFA503244.141.404222$-7-7.41 
Vin MazzaroRPFA402203.831.303112$-8-8.10 
Kameron LoeRPFA412213.951.322610$-8-8.79 
Octavio DotelRPFA231103.911.26196$-9-9.51 
Jose ArredondoRPFA90004.001.4485$-11-11.58 

Bench Hitters (may include/exclude guys not on 25-man roster)

Ramon HernandezCatcherFA1010100.3000.3640.3000.664$-41-41.39 
Tony GwynnOFFA27230121100.2390.3050.3010.607$-29-29.66 
Ryan Roberts3BFA5471610.2410.3050.3520.657$-39-39.51