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2012 New York Yankees Projected Lineup

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1Jacoby EllsburyOFNYY561831558380.2870.3450.4330.778$3131.16 
2Derek JeterSSNYY3434452960.2680.3290.3620.690$-12-12.34Injury: Right quad tightness Notes: Not in starting lineup April 12-13. Due Back: Possibly April 16 Source:
3Carlos BeltranOFNYY47368247640.2770.3410.4900.832$1919.55 
4Mark Teixeira1BNYY28341155520.2440.3370.4520.790$-7-7.72Injury: Strained right hamstring Notes: As of April 12 update, expected to play in extended Spring Training week of April 14. Due Back: Possibly April 20 Source:
5Brian McCannCatcherNYY41955226820.2550.3350.4530.788$1414.58Injury: Bruised right index finger Notes: Underwent X-ray on April 13. Due Back: Possibly April 16 Source:
6Alfonso SorianoDHNYY47263268090.2390.2920.4600.752$1414.26 
7Brett GardnerOFNYY52778848270.2580.3410.3780.718$1010.35 
8Kelly Johnson3BNYY33343144470.2340.3180.4110.730$-7-7.29 
9Brian Roberts2BNYY3323863670.2380.3130.3460.659$-16-16.05Injury: Lower back soreness Notes: Not in starting lineup April 12-13; results of MRI were negative. Due Back: Day-to-day Source:

Projected Rotation (and guys on DL who will start at some point)

1CC SabathiaSPNYY17610114.041.2615647$66.58 
2Hiroki KurodaSPNYY17411113.881.2413141$77.57 
3Ivan NovaSPNYY15910104.131.3511951$-0-0.53 
4Masahiro TanakaSPNYY17611103.681.1416432$1616.73 
5Michael PinedaSPNYY132784.301.3112245$-1-1.69 

Relievers (may include/exclude guys not on 25-man roster)

David RobertsonRPNYY6042303.001.157220$1010.70Injury: Grade 1 groin strain Notes: Placed on 15-day DL on April 8, retroactive to April 7. Due Back: Possibly April 22 Source:
Shawn KelleyRPNYY604233.451.256521$-0-0.84 
Dellin BetancesRPNYY512324.941.655136$-13-13.64 
Matt ThorntonRPNYY513313.711.254415$-5-5.13 
David PhelpsRPNYY683404.241.326424$-7-7.03 
Andrew BaileyRPNYY141003.211.14144$-8-8.84 
Vidal NunoRPNYY502304.681.343814$-10-10.74 
Adam WarrenRPNYY542304.501.414321$-10-10.98 

Bench Hitters (may include/exclude guys not on 25-man roster)

Ichiro SuzukiOFNYY30437427110.2800.3110.3720.683$-17-17.43 
Francisco CervelliCatcherNYY7681810.2240.3060.3030.609$-34-34.80Injury: Strained right hamstring Notes: Placed on 60-day DL on April 15. Due Back: TBD Source:
Yangervis Solarte2BNYY4454984630.2670.3110.3800.691$-4-4.76 
Brendan Ryan3BNYY1591621430.2140.2820.2960.577$-34-34.88Injury: Cervical spine nerve Notes: Started light baseball activities as of April 12 update. Due Back: Possibly May Source:
Austin RomineCatcherNYY4951510.2240.2830.3270.610$-36-36.38 
Gary SanchezCatcherNYY1010100.2000.2730.2000.473$-39-39.54