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2012 Washington Nationals Projected Lineup

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1Denard SpanOFWAS49464440150.2710.3260.3740.700$-1-1.96Injury: Concussion Notes: Placed on 7-day DL on April 12. Due Back: TBD Source:
2Ryan Zimmerman3BWAS2052993110.2780.3480.4730.821$-21-21.89Injury: Fractured right thumb Notes: Placed on 15-day DL on April 13. Due Back: Possibly mid-May Source:
3Jayson WerthOFWAS38358165480.2770.3650.4620.827$55.22 
4Wilson RamosCatcherWAS1521862300.2700.3230.4340.757$-22-22.01Injury: Recovery from April 2014 left hand surgery Notes: Underwent surgery April 2; will start rehabbing in about one week as of April 8 update. Due Back: Possibly May Source:
5Bryce HarperOFWAS468792368130.2800.3640.5090.873$2525.12Injury: Left quad tightness Notes: Exited game early April 14. Due Back: Possibly April 14 Source:
6Ian DesmondSSWAS512651767170.2660.3150.4280.743$1818.88 
7Adam LaRoche1BWAS41356186420.2490.3380.4380.776$22.42 
8Anthony Rendon2BWAS41153115230.2700.3460.4330.779$11.00 

Projected Rotation (and guys on DL who will start at some point)

1Stephen StrasburgSPWAS1661273.041.1118849$2626.87 
2Gio GonzalezSPWAS1661293.521.2616362$1414.21 
3Jordan ZimmermannSPWAS1661193.581.1913135$1212.51 
4Tanner RoarkSPWAS105684.291.357133$-6-6.66 
5Taylor JordanSPWAS114784.261.346931$-6-6.05 
6Doug FisterSPWAS117873.461.219225$66.00Injury: Right lat strain Notes: Threw bullpen session April 14; expected to throw simulated game next, date TBD Due Back: Possibly late April Source:

Relievers (may include/exclude guys not on 25-man roster)

Rafael SorianoRPWAS5932303.361.225317$55.73 
Tyler ClippardRPWAS594222.901.126820$22.84 
Drew StorenRPWAS503233.421.165013$-2-2.03 
Craig StammenRPWAS503213.421.244616$-3-3.97 
Jerry BlevinsRPWAS413213.291.223813$-4-4.21 
Christian GarciaRPWAS272103.331.22289$-6-6.73 
Ross DetwilerRPWAS322203.941.28228$-8-8.77 
Mike GonzalezRPWAS181103.501.28176$-9-9.28 
Ryan MattheusRPWAS231104.301.35167$-10-10.85 

Bench Hitters (may include/exclude guys not on 25-man roster)

Nate McLouthOFWAS412541037160.2450.3210.3830.704$-7-7.64Injury: Left knee patellar tendinitis Notes: Not in starting lineup April 13-14. Due Back: Day-to-day Source:
Danny Espinosa2BWAS36642103980.2270.2930.3720.664$-12-12.93 
Jose LobatonCatcherWAS2162352400.2410.3200.3750.695$-23-23.04 
Kevin Frandsen2BWAS1071111110.2800.3300.3640.695$-34-34.92