2017 Projections

Composite BAL DH56579348920.2570.3130.4880.80145148
RotoChamp BAL DH56278359110.2560.3090.4950.80441140
Steamer BAL DH53377339220.2590.3180.4930.81145146
CAIRO BAL DH56578327820.2570.3130.4780.79145149
2016 BAL DH613944710820.2560.3160.5330.84951170

Historical Stats

201615961394471082 0.256 0.316 0.533 0.85051170
20151425086222640 0.262 0.310 0.449 0.75936132
2014883283714612 0.235 0.293 0.415 0.7072889
201315962085341005 0.234 0.294 0.453 0.74754184
20121445446632954 0.268 0.317 0.491 0.80836153
20111495396529879 0.254 0.291 0.477 0.76825120
20108152020 0.067 0.125 0.067 0.19218
Composite Projections87
Fantasy Pros Composite98
Yahoo ADP220
By Outfield Position
Utility Positions

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