2016 Projections

Composite CHC RF520781565160.2790.3540.4290.7835992
RotoChamp CHC RF520761363190.2810.3530.4210.7745688
Steamer CHC RF570881870170.2790.3570.4420.7996699
ZiPS CHC RF543851766180.2740.3520.4330.78562104
Davenport CHC RF523801463120.2790.3630.4290.7926391
Steamer600 CHC RF526811765160.2790.3570.4420.7996191

Historical Stats

20162390130134 0.211 0.317 0.256 0.5731320
201515454779136023 0.293 0.359 0.439 0.7975690
201414957374115820 0.271 0.351 0.384 0.7356798
20131043826714382 0.254 0.349 0.427 0.7764873
201215858793278221 0.269 0.335 0.479 0.81458152
20111283965014429 0.227 0.319 0.389 0.7085193
201014252083187211 0.277 0.393 0.456 0.84991128
Composite Projections57
Fantasy Pros Composite57
Yahoo ADP64
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