2016 Projections

ROS CIN CF12617111160.2460.2960.3250.621926
Composite CIN CF39552532450.2460.2950.3290.6242778
RotoChamp CIN CF39550433480.2380.2860.3110.5972675
Steamer CIN CF50862742580.2500.3020.3470.6493796
ZiPS CIN CF50970542620.2500.2990.3400.63936105
Davenport CIN CF51672736520.2470.2920.3450.63732103
Steamer600 CIN CF54867845620.2500.3020.3470.64940104
2016 CIN CF37164316530.2610.3210.3530.6743284

Historical Stats

20161093716431653 0.261 0.321 0.353 0.6743284
20151144125642857 0.226 0.274 0.289 0.5632875
20141525637264856 0.250 0.292 0.355 0.64834117
2013131990113 0.368 0.429 0.474 0.90224
Composite Projections103
Fantasy Pros Composite116
Yahoo ADP129
By Outfield Position

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