2017 Projections

Composite SF RP65442.911.03601339
RotoChamp SF RP65442.630.91581139
Steamer SF RP55323.221.16511433
2016 SF RP71221.640.90651247

Historical Stats

2016757122 1.64 0.906512 2.42 2.99 91.8 11.0% 80.6%0.25947
2015787632 2.23 0.936214 2.82 3.07 91.5 11.8% 75.7%0.25151
2014727135 1.90 0.877111 2.09 2.47 92.5 13.7% 80.4%0.25833
2013727132 1.39 0.96708 1.64 2.05 92.7 11.9% 79.9%0.29616
2012414502 6.20 1.274112 4.58 3.45 93.1 9.2% 59.4%0.2851
2011717484 2.78 1.226626 3.25 3.14 92.5 9.8% 75.6%0.28620
2010222120 4.22 1.27228 3.50 3.54 92.8 11.2% 59.5%0.2980
2009131601 3.86 1.411010 4.44 5.41 93.1 6.3% 70.4%0.2600
Yahoo ADP82
Composite Projections87
Fantasy Pros Composite100

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