2018 Projections

ROS SD 1B45267186440.2880.3560.4620.8184890
Composite SD 1B58187239350.2890.3600.4630.82364110
RotoChamp SD 1B58990239560.2970.3630.4690.83261111
Steamer SD 1B55675258440.2840.3540.4750.82961113
ZiPS SD 1B58786239160.2790.3460.4510.79761114
Davenport SD 1B581932010050.2960.3740.4540.82872102
2017 SD 1B60398259460.3180.3850.4980.88366104
2018 SD 1B76102400.2630.3410.4340.775921

Historical Stats

2018197610240 0.263 0.341 0.434 0.775921
20171626039825946 0.318 0.385 0.498 0.88266104
201615860580251045 0.266 0.328 0.433 0.76157132
20151585999818937 0.297 0.363 0.459 0.82261108
2014131503549584 0.270 0.318 0.398 0.7163593
201315962386177911 0.302 0.353 0.448 0.80151100
201215253565146016 0.232 0.304 0.359 0.6635695
201112852366197811 0.293 0.334 0.465 0.7993482

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