Projected 2020 Lineup

1 Kris Bryant 3B5713081 0.285
2 Anthony Rizzo 1B54828101 0.286
3 Javier Baez SS5673094 0.282
4 Kyle Schwarber OF5013579 0.242
5 Willson Contreras C4112064 0.265
6 Jason Heyward OF4551456 0.259
7 Jason Kipnis 2B2971040 0.239
8 Ian Happ OF4302164 0.235

Projected 2020 Starters

1 Yu Darvish 180119 3.90
2 Kyle Hendricks 182128 3.66
3 Jose Quintana 175119 3.96
4 Jon Lester 1751010 4.11
5 Tyler Chatwood 12859 4.57

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