Projected 2020 Lineup

1 Kris Bryant 3B2111130 0.284
2 Anthony Rizzo 1B2031037 0.281
3 Javier Baez SS2101135 0.286
4 Kyle Schwarber DH1851329 0.238
5 Willson Contreras C152724 0.263
6 Jason Heyward OF168521 0.250
7 Albert Almora OF135314 0.259
8 Jason Kipnis 2B110415 0.236
9 Ian Happ OF159824 0.239

Projected 2020 Starters

1 Yu Darvish 6744 3.90
2 Kyle Hendricks 6753 3.63
3 Jon Lester 6543 4.15
4 Jose Quintana 4933 3.86
5 Tyler Chatwood 4724 4.60

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