2019 Projections

Composite HOU SP1991583.261.13240590
RotoChamp HOU SP2011573.181.16240610
Steamer HOU SP1961493.521.15233610
ZIPS HOU SP1881373.161.13216510
ATC HOU SP2001583.371.13243590
THE BAT HOU SP1981683.151.09252600
2019 HOU SP2122052.500.90326480

Historical Stats

201933212205 2.50 0.8932648 2.64 2.48 97.2 16.8% 83.3%0.2750
201832200155 2.88 1.0327664 2.70 3.04 96.6 14.1% 77.9%0.2860
2017332031212 4.26 1.2519655 4.08 3.81 96.0 9.5% 74.6%0.2980
201621116710 3.88 1.449836 3.33 4.02 95.2 8.5% 71.1%0.3450
201532208198 2.60 1.0920244 2.66 3.16 95.6 10.2% 74.9%0.3040
201422138115 3.65 1.2113840 3.23 3.25 95.3 9.5% 73.5%0.3110
201319117107 3.22 1.1710028 2.91 3.14 95.5 9.2% 74.5%0.3080

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