2019 Projections

ROS WAS 3B21839113720.2980.3830.5370.9202941
Composite WAS 3B54986249250.2900.3690.5010.8706793
RotoChamp WAS 3B52285239260.2970.3750.5150.8906487
Steamer WAS 3B51780218140.2880.3730.4840.8576590
ZIPS WAS 3B52280218850.2820.3600.4830.8436290
ATC WAS 3B54489259340.2940.3730.5130.8866689
THE BAT WAS 3B56986259460.2870.3670.4940.8616997
2019 WAS 3B30870206610.3180.4010.6141.0153751

Historical Stats

2019823087020661 0.318 0.401 0.614 1.0143751
20181365298824922 0.308 0.374 0.535 0.9095582
201714750881251007 0.301 0.403 0.533 0.9378482
201615656791208512 0.270 0.348 0.450 0.79765117
201580311435251 0.264 0.344 0.363 0.7073670
2014153613111218317 0.287 0.351 0.473 0.82458104
201398351407351 0.265 0.329 0.396 0.7253169

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