2019 Projections

Composite WAS SP1631283.371.15186460
RotoChamp WAS SP1451063.101.11173410
Steamer WAS SP1771293.651.19190500
ZIPS WAS SP1451273.341.14165380
ATC WAS SP1611283.501.16186460
THE BAT WAS SP1731293.401.14198510
2019 WAS SP2091863.321.04251560

Historical Stats

201933209186 3.32 1.0425156 3.25 3.17 93.9 13.5% 76.5%0.2740
201822130107 3.74 1.2015638 3.62 3.28 94.5 11.9% 75.7%0.3090
201728175154 2.52 1.0220447 2.72 3.27 95.6 13.0% 77.9%0.2740
201624147154 3.60 1.1018344 2.92 3.20 94.9 11.0% 73.6%0.2940
201523127117 3.46 1.1115526 2.81 2.69 95.4 11.2% 70.7%0.3110
2014342151411 3.14 1.1224243 2.94 2.56 94.7 11.2% 74.8%0.3150
20133018389 3.00 1.0519156 3.21 3.15 95.2 10.6% 73.2%0.2630
201228159156 3.16 1.1519748 2.82 2.81 95.8 11.2% 75.5%0.3110
201152411 1.50 0.71242 1.28 2.43 96.0 11.0% 70.6%0.2420
2010126853 2.91 1.079217 2.08 2.04 97.6 12.5% 72.7%0.3190

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