2019 Projections

Composite LAA OF52011540100240.3020.4390.6041.043123133
RotoChamp LAA OF5341184193280.3130.4510.6141.065130134
Steamer LAA OF4671073696180.3000.4410.6021.043112118
ZIPS LAA OF4951053892250.2910.4330.5901.023118134
ATC LAA OF5101123897250.3060.4430.6061.049119128
THE BAT LAA OF51911441105200.3020.4390.6131.052119133
2018 LAA OF4711013979240.3120.4600.6281.088122124

Historical Stats

2018140471101397924 0.312 0.460 0.628 1.088122124
201711440292337222 0.306 0.442 0.629 1.0719490
20161595491232910030 0.315 0.441 0.550 0.991116137
2015159575104419011 0.299 0.402 0.590 0.99192158
20141576021153611116 0.287 0.377 0.561 0.93983184
2013157589109279733 0.323 0.432 0.557 0.988110136
2012139559129308349 0.326 0.399 0.564 0.96367139
201140123205164 0.220 0.281 0.390 0.672930

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