2019 Projections

ROS CHC RF37873205540.2780.3910.5130.90461103
Composite CHC RF55696288660.2750.3740.4980.87277146
RotoChamp CHC RF561103268150.2820.3820.5010.88378146
Steamer CHC RF52592288660.2750.3820.5050.88779137
ZIPS CHC RF56292288360.2700.3650.4930.85871150
ATC CHC RF54896288650.2810.3810.5070.88875141
THE BAT CHC RF56191298970.2720.3720.4960.86878152
2019 CHC RF17540113210.2800.4040.5600.9643134

Historical Stats

2019461754011321 0.280 0.404 0.560 0.9643134
20181023895913522 0.272 0.374 0.460 0.83448107
201715154911129737 0.295 0.409 0.537 0.94695128
2016155603121391028 0.292 0.385 0.554 0.93975154
201515155987269913 0.275 0.369 0.488 0.85877199

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