2019 Projections

ROS BOS RF3782520.3240.4090.5680.97767
Composite BOS RF5891153095270.3070.3890.5470.9367690
RotoChamp BOS RF5831183093280.3120.3910.5570.9487587
Steamer BOS RF5721122993250.3020.3850.5370.9227489
ZIPS BOS RF5911142894290.2990.3790.5280.9077591
ATC BOS RF5841173091270.3100.3920.5510.9437892
THE BAT BOS RF5961093099250.3020.3840.5350.9197789
2019 BOS RF5731312878150.2930.3910.5270.9189599

Historical Stats

2019144573131287815 0.293 0.391 0.527 0.9189599
2018136520129328030 0.346 0.438 0.640 1.0788191
20171536281012410226 0.264 0.344 0.459 0.8037779
20161586721223111326 0.318 0.363 0.534 0.8974980
201514559792187721 0.291 0.341 0.479 0.8204682
201452189345187 0.291 0.368 0.444 0.8122131

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