2021 Projections

ROS-Composite ARI SP73354.521.3870300
ROS-RotoChamp ARI SP73354.571.3767290
Composite ARI SP81454.671.3884360
RotoChamp ARI SP72265.121.2468340
Steamer ARI SP93564.501.3499380
ATC ARI SP72344.761.3976320
ZiPS ARI SP98665.121.48102510
ZiPSDC ARI SP47335.161.4749240
THE BAT ARI SP102564.511.33109430
THE BAT X ARI SP102564.511.33109430
2020 ARI SP20014.501.3022120
2021 ARI SP22102.851.131860

Historical Stats

202142210 2.85 1.13186 93.10
2020122001 4.50 1.302212 94.50

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