2023 Projections

ROS-Composite CHC DH33050164790.2390.3030.4480.75129113
ROS-Steamer CHC DH31344164690.2400.3100.4500.76029106
ROS-THE BAT X CHC DH320501746110.2430.3090.4590.76829109
ROS-ZiPS CHC DH28845144160.2390.3010.4510.75224100
ROS-ATC CHC DH32752164790.2430.3070.4560.76329115
Composite CHC DH28339113580.2300.2960.4060.7022595
Steamer CHC DH2403292980.2300.2980.4040.7022276
ATC CHC DH25134103170.2310.2970.4140.7112286
RotoChamp CHC DH29843133780.2350.3080.4360.74430108
ZiPS CHC DH25337103450.2310.2950.4190.7142287
THE BAT CHC DH346471238120.2250.2880.3870.67529116
THE BAT X CHC DH345471239120.2300.2940.3910.68529115
2023 CHC DH601791510.3330.3650.8331.198323

Historical Stats

20231560179151 0.333 0.365 0.833 1.198323
202211337955164710 0.235 0.308 0.433 0.74138137

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