2023 Projections

ROS-Composite SF RP1004.252.00111
ROS-Steamer SF RP1003.071.21101
ROS-THE BAT X SF RP1003.871.37111
ROS-ZiPS SF RP1003.101.23210
ROS-ATC SF RP1003.071.23111
Composite SF RP65433.461.28753033
Steamer SF RP64333.321.27752834
ATC SF RP65433.281.27752927
RotoChamp SF RP64443.091.2276270
ZiPS SF RP64653.531.30773234
THE BAT SF RP65323.511.34723134
THE BAT X SF RP65323.511.34723134
2023 SF RP66662.991.15862638

Historical Stats

2023686666 2.99 1.158626 38
2022686766 2.54 1.258030 27
2021292751 3.00 1.04379 97.03

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