2023 Projections

ROS-Composite BAL SP83454.451.1974220
ROS-Steamer BAL SP86564.311.2380240
ROS-THE BAT X BAL SP93674.231.2080270
ROS-ZiPS BAL SP70454.601.1965170
ROS-ATC BAL SP85554.301.1573230
Composite BAL SP91564.351.2277250
Steamer BAL SP99564.451.2885270
ATC BAL SP86464.341.2173240
RotoChamp BAL SP100564.321.0979260
ZiPS BAL SP91674.501.2076230
THE BAT BAL SP92564.021.1977260
THE BAT X BAL SP92564.021.1977260
2023 BAL SP68423.300.8570140

Historical Stats

2023126842 3.30 0.857014 0
20222310377 4.27 1.147628 0
2021445723 4.11 0.916512 94.24

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