2024 Projections

ROS-Composite MIA SP45323.981.3340160
ROS-Steamer MIA SP51334.131.3344170
ROS-THE BAT X MIA SP43244.711.3437140
ROS-ZiPS MIA SP26124.271.3925100
ROS-ATC MIA SP45234.241.3140160
Composite MIA SP90564.401.3483340
Steamer MIA SP108674.311.3697400
ATC MIA SP91564.361.3184340
ZiPS MIA SP88554.241.4084380
THE BAT MIA SP81564.421.3173270
THE BAT X MIA SP81564.421.3173270
2024 MIA SP17202.120.821430

Historical Stats

202431720 2.12 0.821430
20222601 7.50 1.50620

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