2024 Projections

ROS-Composite LAA SP59334.451.3459240
ROS-Steamer LAA SP69454.151.3666290
ROS-THE BAT X LAA SP63454.541.3262230
ROS-ZiPS LAA SP44234.581.3645180
ROS-ATC LAA SP60344.301.3461250
Composite LAA SP122774.351.34120500
Steamer LAA SP133884.321.38127560
ATC LAA SP122774.361.34120510
ZiPS LAA SP119664.361.34119490
THE BAT LAA SP117784.381.31116440
THE BAT X LAA SP117784.381.31116440
2024 LAA SP8016.751.501240

Historical Stats

20242801 6.75 1.501240
2023165241 3.97 1.2956260

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