2023 Projections

ROS-Composite CLE SP2009.251.50210
ROS-Steamer CLE SP2004.691.29210
ROS-THE BAT X CLE SP3003.891.17310
ROS-ZiPS CLE SP4004.921.34420
ROS-ATC CLE SP2004.591.27210
Composite CLE SP59344.581.2558200
Steamer CLE SP86554.541.2880280
ATC CLE SP56344.691.2655190
RotoChamp CLE SP692610.302.1247240
ZiPS CLE SP78464.751.3078280
THE BAT CLE SP40224.271.2142130
THE BAT X CLE SP40224.271.2142130
2023 CLE SP39214.851.3323120

Historical Stats

2023103921 4.85 1.332312 0
20222702 19.01 2.5453 0

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