2023 Projections

2022 HOU SP1751841.750.83185290

Historical Stats

202228175184 1.75 0.8318529 0
20201610 3.00 0.6771 94.90
201934223216 2.58 0.8030042 94.60
201834214169 2.52 0.9029037 95.10
201733206158 3.36 1.1721972 95.20
201634227169 3.04 1.0025457 93.50
20152013358 3.38 1.0911332 92.80
2014322061512 4.54 1.4015965 93.10
2013342181312 3.46 1.3121775 94.00
201233238178 2.64 1.0623960 94.70
201134251245 2.40 0.9225057 95.00
201033224189 3.37 1.1621971 95.50
200935240199 3.45 1.1826963 95.60
2008332011117 4.84 1.4016387 93.70
200732201186 3.66 1.2318367 94.10
200630186179 3.63 1.3312460 0
200521102 7.15 1.7675 0

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