2020 Projections

Composite FA 3B563992910350.2970.3840.5330.9177793
RotoChamp FA 3B5551053011150.3080.3950.5570.9527690
Steamer FA 3B55490289340.2880.3790.5180.8977693
2019 FA 3B5451173412650.3190.4120.5981.0108086

Historical Stats

2019146545117341265 0.319 0.412 0.598 1.0108086
20181365298824922 0.308 0.374 0.535 0.9095582
201714750881251007 0.301 0.403 0.533 0.9378482
201615656791208512 0.270 0.348 0.450 0.79765117
201580311435251 0.264 0.344 0.363 0.7073670
2014153613111218317 0.287 0.351 0.473 0.82458104
201398351407351 0.265 0.329 0.396 0.7253169

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