2023 Projections

ROS-Composite NYY RF25852225450.2870.3940.5970.9914581
ROS-Steamer NYY RF26754215160.2790.3890.5620.9514783
ROS-THE BAT X NYY RF26153235750.2890.4000.6171.0174784
ROS-ZiPS NYY RF32466297250.2820.3890.5960.98556103
ROS-ATC NYY RF25951215250.2870.3900.5790.9694381
Composite NYY RF54710543109100.2820.3840.5670.95190167
Steamer NYY RF56711344107120.2780.3840.5590.94395169
ATC NYY RF54510442105100.2840.3860.5650.95188166
RotoChamp NYY RF56311853115110.2980.4040.6271.03198172
ZiPS NYY RF5561084712390.2790.3850.5790.96493172
THE BAT NYY RF54410344112110.2800.3850.5740.95990173
THE BAT X NYY RF54410039104110.2790.3850.5530.93890170
2023 NYY RF17542194030.2910.4040.6741.0783563

Historical Stats

2023491754219403 0.291 0.404 0.674 1.0783563
20221575701336213116 0.311 0.425 0.686 1.111111175
20211485508939986 0.287 0.373 0.544 0.91675158
202028101239220 0.257 0.336 0.554 0.8911032
20191023787527553 0.272 0.381 0.540 0.92164141
20181124137727676 0.278 0.392 0.528 0.91976152
2017155542128521149 0.284 0.422 0.627 1.049127208
20162784104100 0.179 0.263 0.345 0.608942

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