2019 Projections

Composite SD 3B590863297100.2830.3490.5080.85760104
RotoChamp SD 3B60984339790.2820.3440.5070.85158106
Steamer SD 3B56787329490.2790.3500.5130.86361102
ZIPS SD 3B613873297120.2810.3480.5010.84965111
ATC SD 3B603883399110.2850.3500.5160.86661106
THE BAT SD 3B57483329580.2830.3480.5140.8625798
2018 SD 3B6328437107140.2970.3670.5380.90570104

Historical Stats

2018162632843710714 0.297 0.367 0.538 0.90570104
20171566308133959 0.259 0.310 0.471 0.78250115
201615764010537960 0.294 0.343 0.533 0.87648120
2015162633102358620 0.286 0.359 0.502 0.86170111
2014823273812322 0.278 0.324 0.431 0.7552068
20131566678814716 0.283 0.314 0.432 0.74629113
201251191247262 0.262 0.294 0.445 0.739938

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