2023 Projections

ROS-Composite SEA SP102743.481.1495190
ROS-Steamer SEA SP108763.571.14102220
ROS-THE BAT X SEA SP107773.731.1494230
ROS-ZiPS SEA SP94643.551.1288160
ROS-ATC SEA SP103753.391.1299180
Composite SEA SP149983.561.14142310
Steamer SEA SP143983.571.16137320
ATC SEA SP1561183.431.15154300
RotoChamp SEA SP1441153.001.21146250
ZiPS SEA SP127763.551.13122250
THE BAT SEA SP1561093.671.14141350
THE BAT X SEA SP1561093.671.14141350
2023 SEA SP71543.041.015860

Historical Stats

2023117154 3.04 1.01586 0
20222513085 3.39 1.2113322 0

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