2021 Projections

ROS-Composite HOU SP6014.921.33630
ROS-RotoChamp HOU SP6014.421.17620
Composite HOU SP52334.671.4052250
RotoChamp HOU SP62434.211.3255230
Steamer HOU SP64444.961.4963340
ATC HOU SP40224.451.3539190
ZiPS HOU SP86664.711.5691540
ZiPSDC HOU SP55444.751.5658350
THE BAT HOU SP52344.441.3358230
THE BAT X HOU SP52344.441.3358230
2020 HOU SP12012.980.99950
2021 HOU SP1551183.311.17167500

Historical Stats

202130155118 3.31 1.1716750 93.20
202051201 2.98 0.9995 93.90

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