2024 Projections

ROS-Composite BAL SP109753.681.21115360
ROS-Steamer BAL SP114863.521.21122400
ROS-THE BAT X BAL SP112773.991.25111360
ROS-ZiPS BAL SP104554.091.21113330
ROS-ATC BAL SP108753.711.18117360
Composite BAL SP1601083.771.21173530
Steamer BAL SP1751293.651.22191610
ATC BAL SP1591183.711.18172530
ZiPS BAL SP156874.061.19168480
THE BAT BAL SP1571093.731.22167530
THE BAT X BAL SP1571093.731.22167530
2024 BAL SP40413.151.3044150

Historical Stats

202474041 3.15 1.3044150
20232312274 4.35 1.34129420

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