2024 Projections

ROS-Composite BAL SP34223.371.2134110
ROS-Steamer BAL SP78543.481.2181250
ROS-THE BAT X BAL SP56433.601.2156170
ROS-ZiPS BAL SP78533.561.2179280
ROS-ATC BAL SP36323.611.2036110
Composite BAL SP101753.831.2498330
Steamer BAL SP109763.931.27106340
ATC BAL SP100753.711.2199310
ZiPS BAL SP104753.701.2299360
THE BAT BAL SP97663.901.2495310
THE BAT X BAL SP97663.901.2495310
2024 BAL SP39202.761.0753150

Historical Stats

202483920 2.76 1.0753150
202330168127 2.84 1.05168440
20222311747 4.91 1.41111460

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