2023 Projections

ROS-Composite HOU SP103743.421.27111410
ROS-Steamer HOU SP101753.431.27109400
ROS-THE BAT X HOU SP87653.731.2889330
ROS-ZiPS HOU SP77633.521.2589320
ROS-ATC HOU SP102743.611.27106410
Composite HOU SP110753.601.27119450
Steamer HOU SP105753.431.27113410
ATC HOU SP112753.501.26117460
RotoChamp HOU SP101832.411.11105330
ZiPS HOU SP109863.771.29124500
THE BAT HOU SP111653.551.26117430
THE BAT X HOU SP111653.551.26117430
2023 HOU SP62523.621.2474200

Historical Stats

2023116252 3.62 1.247420 0
202272020 0.90 1.09227 0

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