2022 Projections

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ROS-FanGraphs LAA DH2752510.2630.3560.5190.87548
ROS-THE BAT X LAA DH2752510.2860.3720.5560.92847
ROS-ZiPS LAA DH2642510.2670.3610.5380.89948
Steamer LAA DH5481064099240.2570.3630.5400.90388180
Composite LAA DH521983997230.2590.3620.5510.91382175
ATC LAA DH5181013894220.2610.3620.5480.91079173
THE BAT X LAA DH5141024199240.2680.3710.5700.94181173
2022 LAA DH553873493110.2730.3580.5320.89071150
2021 LAA DH53710346100260.2570.3720.5920.96496189

Historical Stats

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202214955387349311 0.273 0.358 0.532 0.89071150
20211555371034610026 0.257 0.372 0.592 0.96596189
202044153237247 0.190 0.291 0.366 0.6572250
201910638451186212 0.286 0.343 0.505 0.84833110
201810432659226110 0.285 0.361 0.564 0.92537102

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